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Baptisms are celebrated in Our Lady of Lourdes Church on the 1st and 4th Sundays at 1.15 p.m. and on the 2nd Saturday at 4.30 p.m. A visiting priest is welcome to celebrate a Baptism Ceremony - please contact the Parish Office to arrange a suitable time.

If you have a child for Baptism please contact the Parish Office in good time to arrange the Ceremony. You will be asked to call to the Parish Office to collect a Baptism Card. Please fill in all details and bring the card with you to the Baptism Ceremony. This card will be used for the registration of the child’s Baptism in our Parish Records.

Church Law requires at least one sponsor/godparent for Baptism. This sponsor must be a baptised Catholic and should be 16 years or over. If you have two sponsors for Baptism Church Law requires that one be male and the other female. You are asked to bring a Baptism Candle for use during the Ceremony.

A Parent's Blessing

When you were born
Our hearts were so full of happiness
That there was no room in us for words.

When you were growing
Our hearts were so full of care for you
That we spoke soothingly
And sometimes sharply.
Fearful for your safety,
But always in the deepest places of our hearts
We spoke lovingly.

As we watch you
Moving forward with your friends
We marvel at all you have done
And become
Our spirits sing praise to God
For the gift that is you.
And, though our hearts
Have stretched to love others,
Yet, there is still a place within us
That is yours and only yours,

For the light you have shone on us,
For the life you have called us to,
For the special gift of God
You are now, and will ever be,
Thank You

Other Contacts
  Steelstown Parish (Our Lady of Lourdes), Derry City - Telephone : 028 7135 1718